Wednesday, April 9, 2014

First Day of Team LG Workouts

Day 1-April 8, 2014
Well, we got started on our very first workout yesterday 4/8/14. We met at the Cummings home on Kealahou St. It was an instructional day, so the routine took a little longer than planned. I have already heard all great things that happened yesterday.   We all want more time together to do this.  It was fun, instructional, informational and definitely achievable for all. 
 We opened up in prayer, Tory opened us up in prayer with a covering over the workout, our Uncle's and Aunty that was helping to run the stations and of course a covering all of us involved. We then went out into the backyard (Hawaii Kai Golf Course) and Pat and Ti led us through our dynamic warm up stretching. We started with a short jog and then went right into some stretches like knee-to-chest, high knees, foot-to-butt, butt kicks, zombie kicks, inchworms, lunges and spiderman crawl. These were all very good stretches, even Ikaika Winward (baseball player and football player) said he had never stretched that good before. After warm ups we went back to the house and split up by adults and young adults. The young adults went with Uncle Brian and Aunty Ti for speed and agility session. They worked on some ladder drills (footwork).  The adults got to go with Tory and Pat for some introductory boxing.  We learned the basic stance, how to throw a jab and a straight right punch.  Then after about a half hour the adults switched with the young adults. 
We then closed in prayer and Miss Lehua Rawlins closed us out in prayer, which was awesome. Gave me goosebumps! Love it!

Rawlins: Mike, Cat, Kapono and Lehua
Chuns: Scott, Kennedy and Kassidy
Harleys: Pat, Ti, Manu, Wai and Daniel
Winwards: Tory, Sharon and Ikaika
Cummings: Brian, Jen, Ashton and Kennedy

Lehua, Kennedy, Ashton and Kassidy is somewhere around getting ready for their intro to boxing.


  1. Thank you, Sharon, for creating this blog!! This will be a great way to track our journeys!!!

  2. Get Ready!!! Only 2 more hours till our second event! See you all tonight