Monday, April 21, 2014

Day 3 - April 17

Hi Ohana...

Hope everyone had a great Easter Weekend!
Here is our last workout on April 17.
Our warm up routine went well, Uncle Pat added a few more warm up drills.
We had a couple newcomers today...Aunty Jan and Christer joined us for the first time!
Yay!  It is so great to see each of our families participate when they can.
After our dynamic warm ups and agility/footwork drills we then went back to the garage to do some boxing drills and stations, which included, working one on one with Uncle Tory, jump rope, punching bag.  Uncle Pat had the younger kids doing push ups, squats and other exercises.  It was a really great workout!!
Uncle Brian presented us with a challenge, a challenge that can only help to benefit our health.  I will elaborate more in an upcoming email.

Winwards: Tory, Sharon and Ikaika
Harleys: Pat, Ti, Manu, Wai and Daniel
Cummings: Brian and Kennedy
Chuns: Scott, Jan, Kennedy and Kassidy
Rawlins: Mike, Kapono and Lehua
Fujimotos: Christer

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