Monday, April 28, 2014

Day 5-April 26

Hi Ohana!

So, this is just the 5th time we met since we've started...we seem to have our routine down with a little switch up here and there as far as our warm ups.  Which Aunty Ti and Uncle Pat led us through.  They are both very informative when giving instructions.

Today for our dynamic warm ups we went across the street to a nice grassy area which worked out great.
If I am being at all honest, I was a little lazy today...I kept thinking about the potluck and food...hehe. But everyone else did so great!  I am glad to see everyone still so enthusiatic about workouts!!!  We have just begun gang, let's continue to dig deeper and strive for better health!
We then went back to the house to do some boxing with Uncle Tory and Uncle Pat.


Again everyone did really well, KEEP IT UP!!!!

This is the part I kept thinking about all day...some started to play cards (Spoons, I think the game was called)  they were having a blast!  Then they also went on to another game called Hemps or Kemps?!  I forget.

Kapono Rawlins prayed for us before we ate...thank you Kapono!  He was so grateful for the smoothie that he had and of course for the rest of the food and the fellowship!  Great job Kapono!

It was really a great night of fun and fellowship!  The food was great, probably a last splurge before we start our challenge coming up in a couple days!  We had hot dogs, hamburger, fried chicken, barbecue chicken, fruit salad, pasta salad, caesar salad, stuffed strawberries, other fruit, smoothies, chantilly cake, ice cream.  Thank you everyone for a great workout, great food and great fellowship!!!!  Love it!


  1. What an amazing night!!! I would like to see this happen at least once a month... Maybe a beach day or a potluck at someone's house (ours is always open), etc. - truly doing life together!!! Thank you all so much for welcoming our family into yours - we are so blessed by all of you!

  2. Incredible night of fitness and fellowship!! What a blessing to be able to life together!! Looking forward to many more healthy potlucks, fitness, game nights, excursions, service opportunities, and growing deeper in our faith!! Thank you all for blessing our lives!! We truly appreciate each of you.