Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Day 6 - April 28

Hi Ohana...
so day 6 went really well and was a lot of fun... we started to domour dynamic warm ups and forgot to pray.. our prayer warrior, Lehua opened us up in prayer.
we did our warm ups and went into our boxing and self defense.  check out the videos...

Monday, April 28, 2014

Day 5-April 26

Hi Ohana!

So, this is just the 5th time we met since we've started...we seem to have our routine down with a little switch up here and there as far as our warm ups.  Which Aunty Ti and Uncle Pat led us through.  They are both very informative when giving instructions.

Today for our dynamic warm ups we went across the street to a nice grassy area which worked out great.
If I am being at all honest, I was a little lazy today...I kept thinking about the potluck and food...hehe. But everyone else did so great!  I am glad to see everyone still so enthusiatic about workouts!!!  We have just begun gang, let's continue to dig deeper and strive for better health!
We then went back to the house to do some boxing with Uncle Tory and Uncle Pat.


Again everyone did really well, KEEP IT UP!!!!

This is the part I kept thinking about all day...some started to play cards (Spoons, I think the game was called)  they were having a blast!  Then they also went on to another game called Hemps or Kemps?!  I forget.

Kapono Rawlins prayed for us before we ate...thank you Kapono!  He was so grateful for the smoothie that he had and of course for the rest of the food and the fellowship!  Great job Kapono!

It was really a great night of fun and fellowship!  The food was great, probably a last splurge before we start our challenge coming up in a couple days!  We had hot dogs, hamburger, fried chicken, barbecue chicken, fruit salad, pasta salad, caesar salad, stuffed strawberries, other fruit, smoothies, chantilly cake, ice cream.  Thank you everyone for a great workout, great food and great fellowship!!!!  Love it!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Day 4 - April 22

Hey Team LG!

What another great workout!!!!  What a privilege to be able to have our Uncle's help us out!  Uncle Pat, what a trooper!!! Even with the 3 kids stuck to you, you were still able to help everyone through the workout..kudos!

Naomi and Noah Baldado joined us for the first time and they slipped in like they were there from the first day.
Aunty Naomi dancing her way through dynamic warm ups

Unko Scott opened us up in prayer prior to starting our workout and asking the Lord for a covering over us as we worked out together.
We then went into our dynamic warm ups in the backyard. Unko Pat added some new stretches.

 We then again broke out into groups as Unko Pat's group worked on push ups, planks, burpees and squats. At the end Unko Pat's first session, because I helped to time their sessions at a 1/2 a minute rotations, they did really well and few were pumped to give a team yell!!! 1-2-3 Go Team LG!!!!

 Unko Tory worked with boxing.  Unko Brian and I helped Unko Tory with holding mitts for the second half to give everyone a chance to get their boxing practice in.  That was just as fun, standing on the other side and holding mitts.

Uncle Brian offered everyone to write out their goals on the whiteboard, something for each of us to shoot for our own personal goals!  

Aunty Naomi then closed us out in prayer, and just thanking the Lord for such a great workout!!
I know I am thankful and grateful to be able to do life like this with everyone.  It is that much more motivating and fun to want to work out when we are doing it as a group.  Which is why I am thankful for all of you who are making that effort to join us when you can.  Not only are we helping ourselves physically by working out but we are also helping each other!!  God is working through each and every one of us to be beacons for each other.  Let's continue to bask in His presence all for His glory!!!

Matthew 18:20

20 For where two or three gather together as my followers, I am there among them.”

Winwards: Tory, Sharon and Ikaika
Harleys: Pat, Manu, Wai and Daniel
Cummings: Brian, Jen and Ashtyn
Chuns: Scott, Jan, Kennedy and Kassidy
Kebs: Paul, Vernalani, Sylas, Paloma and Pulele
Baldados: Naomi and Noah

Monday, April 21, 2014

Day 3 - April 17

Hi Ohana...

Hope everyone had a great Easter Weekend!
Here is our last workout on April 17.
Our warm up routine went well, Uncle Pat added a few more warm up drills.
We had a couple newcomers today...Aunty Jan and Christer joined us for the first time!
Yay!  It is so great to see each of our families participate when they can.
After our dynamic warm ups and agility/footwork drills we then went back to the garage to do some boxing drills and stations, which included, working one on one with Uncle Tory, jump rope, punching bag.  Uncle Pat had the younger kids doing push ups, squats and other exercises.  It was a really great workout!!
Uncle Brian presented us with a challenge, a challenge that can only help to benefit our health.  I will elaborate more in an upcoming email.

Winwards: Tory, Sharon and Ikaika
Harleys: Pat, Ti, Manu, Wai and Daniel
Cummings: Brian and Kennedy
Chuns: Scott, Jan, Kennedy and Kassidy
Rawlins: Mike, Kapono and Lehua
Fujimotos: Christer

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Day 2 - April 14

Well, we got underway with our second meeting of training.  We were able to start very close to 6pm.  We all went through our dynamic warm up together in the backyard and we also went through the agility/footwork part of the training all together too, which I think worked out real great.  
Then we went back to the garage where we then split up by height, which ended up with a team of girls and boys except Aunty Sharon ended up with the boys, since I am still taller than Ikaika (That's right!).  I think Ikaika just made the cut, otherwise he would have been with the girls...hahaha.  
Anyway, Uncle Pat took the girls first and worked on the basic boxing skills again, since we had some newcomers this week.  So, Pulele and Paloma got to learn the basic stance and a jab punch and a straight right punch, while Kennedy, Ashton and Kassidy got to work and practice more.  While the boys and Aunty Sharon got to learn a little bit of self defense from Uncle Tory.  Then after about 15 minutes or so, the groups switched places.
We had another great night of work out!  Thanks again to our Uncles for their time and for sharing their knowledge!  Thank you to everyone for coming.  You are welcome to come when you can, I know everyones schedules differ but we are really off to a good start!!!!  
Uncle Paul closed us out with prayer..thank you Uncle Paul!
Even after cheating a bit on my eating this past Sunday at my God daughters wedding (man that chocolate cake was delicious and the bread pudding too, oh and the chicken picatta was good too) oh sorry... I still managed to lose 3 lbs since last week Tuesday.   However, I think Uncle Brian is planning on giving us some nutritional tips too and of course the one tip he emphasizes on is water intake, drink a lot of water!!!...also...I think he will be incorporating a challenge for our LG team with incentives (prizes)!!! Gear up Team LG!!!

Winwards:  Tory, Sharon and Ikaika
Harleys:  Pat and Manu
Cummings:  Brian, Kennedy and Ashton
Kebs: Paul, Caleb, Silas, Paloma and Pulele
Chuns: Kassidy

                          Uncle Tory taught the girls to pray when they get attacked from the back

        Kennedy and Pulele practicing upper cuts                     See little Manu practicing his jab

Kassidy praying as Kennedy attacks her                                      Ikaika! where you at?

Kassidy and Paloma practicing their uppercuts    Uncle Tory praying as Uncle Paul attacks him       

Uncle Tory teaching another self defense move                  Kennedy and Pulele practice their 1-2 punches

Whoa, Uncle Brian looks like the Matrix                    

Self defense part not done so Uncle Pat has the boys doing push ups while they wait.

Yeah Team LG!!!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

First Day of Team LG Workouts

Day 1-April 8, 2014
Well, we got started on our very first workout yesterday 4/8/14. We met at the Cummings home on Kealahou St. It was an instructional day, so the routine took a little longer than planned. I have already heard all great things that happened yesterday.   We all want more time together to do this.  It was fun, instructional, informational and definitely achievable for all. 
 We opened up in prayer, Tory opened us up in prayer with a covering over the workout, our Uncle's and Aunty that was helping to run the stations and of course a covering all of us involved. We then went out into the backyard (Hawaii Kai Golf Course) and Pat and Ti led us through our dynamic warm up stretching. We started with a short jog and then went right into some stretches like knee-to-chest, high knees, foot-to-butt, butt kicks, zombie kicks, inchworms, lunges and spiderman crawl. These were all very good stretches, even Ikaika Winward (baseball player and football player) said he had never stretched that good before. After warm ups we went back to the house and split up by adults and young adults. The young adults went with Uncle Brian and Aunty Ti for speed and agility session. They worked on some ladder drills (footwork).  The adults got to go with Tory and Pat for some introductory boxing.  We learned the basic stance, how to throw a jab and a straight right punch.  Then after about a half hour the adults switched with the young adults. 
We then closed in prayer and Miss Lehua Rawlins closed us out in prayer, which was awesome. Gave me goosebumps! Love it!

Rawlins: Mike, Cat, Kapono and Lehua
Chuns: Scott, Kennedy and Kassidy
Harleys: Pat, Ti, Manu, Wai and Daniel
Winwards: Tory, Sharon and Ikaika
Cummings: Brian, Jen, Ashton and Kennedy

Lehua, Kennedy, Ashton and Kassidy is somewhere around getting ready for their intro to boxing.