Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Day 4 - April 22

Hey Team LG!

What another great workout!!!!  What a privilege to be able to have our Uncle's help us out!  Uncle Pat, what a trooper!!! Even with the 3 kids stuck to you, you were still able to help everyone through the workout..kudos!

Naomi and Noah Baldado joined us for the first time and they slipped in like they were there from the first day.
Aunty Naomi dancing her way through dynamic warm ups

Unko Scott opened us up in prayer prior to starting our workout and asking the Lord for a covering over us as we worked out together.
We then went into our dynamic warm ups in the backyard. Unko Pat added some new stretches.

 We then again broke out into groups as Unko Pat's group worked on push ups, planks, burpees and squats. At the end Unko Pat's first session, because I helped to time their sessions at a 1/2 a minute rotations, they did really well and few were pumped to give a team yell!!! 1-2-3 Go Team LG!!!!

 Unko Tory worked with boxing.  Unko Brian and I helped Unko Tory with holding mitts for the second half to give everyone a chance to get their boxing practice in.  That was just as fun, standing on the other side and holding mitts.

Uncle Brian offered everyone to write out their goals on the whiteboard, something for each of us to shoot for our own personal goals!  

Aunty Naomi then closed us out in prayer, and just thanking the Lord for such a great workout!!
I know I am thankful and grateful to be able to do life like this with everyone.  It is that much more motivating and fun to want to work out when we are doing it as a group.  Which is why I am thankful for all of you who are making that effort to join us when you can.  Not only are we helping ourselves physically by working out but we are also helping each other!!  God is working through each and every one of us to be beacons for each other.  Let's continue to bask in His presence all for His glory!!!

Matthew 18:20

20 For where two or three gather together as my followers, I am there among them.”

Winwards: Tory, Sharon and Ikaika
Harleys: Pat, Manu, Wai and Daniel
Cummings: Brian, Jen and Ashtyn
Chuns: Scott, Jan, Kennedy and Kassidy
Kebs: Paul, Vernalani, Sylas, Paloma and Pulele
Baldados: Naomi and Noah

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  1. MAHALO!!! What an incredible night - thank you for documenting our journey together... I love looking through all the pics! Have a blessed day!